CEO of got arrested in Tokyo

Mark Karpeles

Mark Karpeles,the CEO of exchange platform closed) got arrested in Tokyo in August 1.

As we known, mtgox  was closed a years ago,Mark Karpeles said hacker stole over 500k bitcoin from the platform.Since then,many people said Mark was a scammer,there wasn’t so many bitcoin to hack at all.

Now Japan police have evidence that shows Mark created many fake account in the platform to trade.He changed the BTC balance of these accounts,then sold fake BTC in market.  As many newbies have no idea how to save BTC,they just left their Bitcoins in Mtgox.Mark sold many fake BTC in Mtgox,and many buyer withdrew BTC from it,until one day,the real BTC is not enough for withdrawal……Then bad things happened,Mtgox declared bankruptcy which we all know

We should learn an important thing from this case: Never leave large amount BTC in an exchange platform,it is not safe.we should save bitcoins by ourselves.

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