Italian Police confiscated 1 million EUR Value of BTC by destroying a deep website


Though the famous website “silk road” was closed and its owner Ross Ulbricht is also in prison,but there are still every kind of deep web which appear in news.Recently Italian police destroyed another illegal website and confiscated 11K bitcoins related to this website,which is value for 1 million EUR.

Is it silk road2.0? 3.0? or 4.0?
It is said that this website is built by an Italian who lived in Italy.The website can’t be visited by traditional Internet,which means you can’t search it in google. It spent 2 years for Italian police to gather enough evidence,and they cooperated with police of other countries to find out who are the owner of this website.

Silk road’s ending did not stop this phenomenon,instead of this,new versions of deep web have appeared.According to the latest information,many website are even bigger than silk road,they are keeping growing in the Internet black market

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