Pay with BTC to Get more Discount at

1,an online lawyer guide website,announced to accept bitcoin as its payment method in August 4,2015

The company said:it will be faster and cheaper if users choose to pay with bitcoin.The users and members of will get 10% discount for lawyer service if they pay with bitcoin. It is a win-win choice,as the users and company can all benefit from this. also said users will pay less to become a senior member if they use bitcoin.The cost of a senior member is $99/month,it will be only $89/month if you pay with BTC. suggested that users should register a free online bitcoin wallet at coinbase or bitpay

“The payment volume of BTC in 2015 will be over 20 billion dollars.The amount of bitcoin wallet increase 100% than last year,which reached 10 million.We are always look for some ways that can help users to creat more value.Bitcoin is a very interesting and exciting way” The CEO of Gorman added.

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