Top 7 Politicians Who Support BTC and Blockchain Technology

1 Jared Polis
Jared Polis,the U.S. congressperson,was known by bitcoin community in March of last year when the decision maker wanted to block digital currencies like Bitcoin.To satirize this, Jared Polis said: US dollar should be blocked,not encryption currency.

2 Dan Elder
Dan Elder became the first candidate of U.S. congressperson who only accept bitcoin donate in last July.
He said:I only accept bitcoin,this is a protest against the Federal Reserve which will reduce the influence of the dollars

3 George Galloway
The UK politician George Galloway,who is the candidate of the Mayor of London,announced his plane: Using the blockchain technology to track the fiscal expenditure of London.

4 Andrew Hemingway
Andrew Hemingway,the republican governor of New Hampshire,came up with blockchain technology during his election.

5 Gulnar Hasnain
Gulnar Hasnain,the green party candidate in central area of London,became the first mainstream politician in 2015
Gulnar Hasnain accepted the donate from Onename and ChangeTip.

6 Rand Paul
Rand Paul,the Republican presidential candidate of 2016,declared to accept donate with BTC.
He said:I am very interested in BTC,but I will never buy it myself,I just have some suspicion.

7 Rick Perry
Bitcoin had a big supporter last month Rick Perry who is the U.S. presidential candidate.He said he supports to give BTC some space to grow.

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