How to Transfer Bitcoin ?

transfer bitcoin
Transfer bitcoin looks like send an email to someone.
The sender and receiver also need a bitcoin address to finish the transaction.Bitcoin address is a string of 33 characters including numbers and letters,which is always beginning with “1” or “3” ,like: 11xEKL5Ai5mRkm6WkDz5j6WhyDy7DpYRd

Bitcoin wallet client can generate Bitcoin addresses without Internet that means you can get a new address off many addresses are there? It is hard to describe because the amount is really huge.

The Bitcoin address and its private key always appear in the same time,they look like the account number of your bank and password.The address will show how many bitcoins you have.You can’r transfer your BTC without private key,so remember to keep the private key.

Be careful when you transfer your bitcoin,because it can’t be back unless the receiver refund voluntarily

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