What is the Disadvantage of Bitcoin ?

1 The weakness of bitcoin exchange platform
The bitcoin network is very strong,but the bitcoin exchange platform is very weak.Exchange platform is usually a website which will be attacked by hacker easily or shut down by competent department

2 Need a long time to confirm transaction.
It will spend few days to download the data of historical transactions when you first install the official bitcoin client.Fortunately we can use other wallet to save time. When we transfer BTC,it will spend about 60 minutes to get 6 confirmations to insure safety.

3 The market price fluctuates violently.
Many speculators take part in the bitcoin trading,it causes the market price changes like a roller coaster.

4 Public don’t understand the theory of bitcoin.
Many Geek know how the bitcoin works and it can’t be controlled by anyone,but ordinary people don’t understand bitcoin,many of them even don’t know what is the difference between bitcoin and some game currencies.”No issuer” is the advantage of bitcoin,but traditional financial professionals think it is the reason why bitcoin is worthless

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