Who is Gavin Andresen?

Gavin Andresen is the chief scientist of Bitcoin foundation,who is the intercessor and architect of the bitcoin community. The profile of LinkedIn shows that he is the core programmer of TruCoin. Gavin graduated from Princeton university and used to work at Massachusetts Amherst hurst university

Gavin Andresen became the brief scientist of bitcoin foundation by accident.He created a website called “bitcoin tap” which is his first project related to bitcoin in 2011.The website was very famous at that time because Gavin Andresen gave away 5 BTC to every visitors.He then began to submit codes to Satoshi Nakamoto (the mysterious originator of Bitcoin) to optimize the bitcoin core. Satoshi Nakamoto gradually had the faith to Gavin’s code.Finally one day Satoshi Nakamoto inquired Gavin Andresen that if he could place this email on the homepage of Bitcoin,Gavin agreed.Since then, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from public and Gavin Andresen became the leader of bitcoin.

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