TigerDirect: 46% Users Pay With Bitcoin are New

TigerDirect Zone @ Miami Heat
TigerDirect Zone @ Miami Heat

TigerDirect is an online retailer selling computers and consumer electronics,which added bitcoin as a payment option via Bitpay in January 2014.

TigerDirect said they are always exciting to accept bitcoin as they got a lot of new users because of bitcoin,46% users pay with bitcoin are new.In addition,the company said the average amount of the order paid by bitcoin is more than common order by 30%

The company explained that there are a lot of orders of bitcoin when the BTC market price fluctuate violently,these orders are often for expensive products like high-definition television,playstation or computer monitor.

“When the bitcoin price goes up,we see that people want to spend the money they earn recently;When the bitcoin price drops down,people who want to avoid losing money will exchange their BTC to consumer electronics” They said.

Though the bitcoin price once crashed to $200,TigerDirect still see there are always new orders paid by bitcoin.

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