The Famous Comedian Louis C.K. Accepting Bitcoin Payment

The Famous Comedian Louis C.K. Accepting Bitcoin payment

The famous U.S. comedian&film producer Louis C.K. declared that people can purchase his comedy special with bitcoin via BitPay,which includes his performance at the Madison square garden

Louis C.K. set a price range for this special,he said this on this website:The default price if this special is $5,but you can also pay $1 minimum,or pay $85 maximum.Well,$85 is enough expensive,I don’t want you to pay more even you are a millionaire

Louis C.K. is the first comedian who accepts that consumers purchase his special or watch his performance with bitcoin. His personal website integrates Bitpay so that his fans can buy his any special and tape with bitcoin

Why he added bitcoin as a payment option?
Part of the reasons maybe that using paypal is low efficiency and takes too many fees.For example someone spend $1 to buy his special via paypal,then paypal will charge a fee about 7% ~ 10% from the transaction,especially paypal sometimes freeze user’s account.By contrast,paying with bitcoin has obvious advantages.In addition,people located in other countries cannot pay with USD conveniently,but it is not a problem at all if you use bitcoin.

The fans all expressed their support after C.K. had announced the news.They supported by action — purchase his special with bitcoin.

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