What is Dogecoin ?

Dogecoin,which was born in December 8,2013,is the second largest international digital currency based on Scrypt arithmetic.

After the Dogecoin system had been online,Dogecoin developed explosively like a rocket with the helping of Reddit which has a huge amount of contents related Dogecoin.Special webistes and forums of Dogecoin appeared in only two weeks.So far the market capitalization of Dogecoin reached 100 million USD.

As there is no pre-mining,distributing fairly,charity and tip culture wins the hearts of people,the speed of user growth is amazing.So far there is over 1.6 million client addresses which is more than Litecoin by 400%.Look at the amount of active client address,Bitcoin is 196K,Dogecoin is 83K and Litecoin is only 11K.The twitter user who concern Degecoin is over 150K,which is more than Bitcoin by 70% and more than Litecoin by 500%.The amount of Facebook likes of Dogecoin is the same as Bitcoin and far more than Litecoin.Users are the most value in the internet era,Dogecoin reached the 1/3 amount of Bitcoin users in just one year,which is four times than Litecoin.

The major Dogecoin exchange platforms are: Cryptsy、Exmo、cex.io、Bittrex、Poloniex、HitBTC、Kraken、Bitcoin Indonesia、Coinsquare、AllCoi

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