Three Reasons Why Dogecoin is Popular

Here are the three reasons why Dogecoin is popular globally:
1 Dogecoin has a good culture background – tip culture
As a virtual currency born in December 2013,Dogecoin became the second largest virtual currency in a week after it had been online.Many people took part in trading Dogecoin not for speculating,but for an expression of sharing and gratitude.

2 Dogecoin has a good humanistic background – charity culture
Dogecoin have done a lot for charity.Like helping three Indian sportsmen to join Olympic Winter Games,donating 30K USD to solve the crisis of water resources of Kenya.It is said that Dogecoin foundation has subsidized a car race recently.

3 Dogecoin has many fans
The data indicate that there are over 75K likes in the Dogecoin community of Reddit which is far more than Litecoin,and the number of Bitcoin is only 120K which spend five years.Many applications supporting Bitcoin also support Dogecoin. The trading volume of Dogecoin at Cryptsy is always No.1 since it has been online,which is more than all other kinds of altcoin together.

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