What is the Origin of Dogecoin?


Maybe this is the most amazing story in 2013
An Australia marketing expert and an American programmer who have never met each other successfully combined the two most popular things Bitcoin and Doge,then the Dogecoin was born and people are actually using it.

Growing of Dogecoin
Jackson Palmer who works at marketing department of Adobe was always studying digital currencies.After seeing Dogecoin,he twittered:Invest Dogecoin,this may be the next big chance.

Before long,Jackson Palmer received many replies which encouraged him to finish the idea.He registered the domain Dogecoin.com a week later,which was included by Reddit – the forum club of Dogecoin.

Meanwhile,Billy Markus,a programmer from Portland was eager to create a digital currency of his own,which he wished to meet the needs of more people,unlike Bitcoin servicing for speculators.He accidentally knew this website after the domain had been registered soon ,which let him feel where he should belong to.

So he twittered to Palmer to ask for cooperation and rewrote the source code of Bitcoin with adding Doge Meme.

Then they hit it off and Dogecoin was born a week later after Palmer’s funny twitter had been released.

That is the origin of Dogecoin.

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