Bitcoin Company Bitflyer Got A Investment of 510 Million YEN

Bitcoin Company Bitflyer Got A Investment of 510 Million YEN
Today the Japanese Bitcoin company Bitflyer announced that they got an investment of 510 Million YEN (approximately 4.08 million USD).
The investors include:
Venture Labo Investment Co., Ltd.
Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.

Bitflyer finished an investment of 1.1 million USD.Before long,Bitflyer has released a series of new services,including:
bitFlyer Lightning
A Bitcoin exchange platform for professionals
chainflyer(a website to examine the blockchain visibly)
Android version of Bitflyer
adflyer(an advertising service based on Bitcoin and the newest security service of multi-signature)

Bitflyer planned to create a more powerful secure environment,an infrastructure of business management and a stable management system with the new investment.In addition,Bitflyer will keep adding new users,increasing revenue and expanding the business globally.

The CEO of Bitflyer Yuzo Kano expressed that the company will continue to provide the best service while ensuring security.

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