The New COO of OKCoin: I am A Loyal Fan of Bitcoin

COO of OKCoin
The Bitcoin market is pretty peace in 2015 and some related start-ups are also into adjustment period.For the Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin,the change of initial members and DDOS attack indicate that they are in troubled times.

Recently the initial member of SFARDS HU ZHI BING became the COO of OKCoin.The experienced and curious post-80s who was a programmer called himself a royal fan of Bitcoin.

After graduating school,HU ZHI BING joined BabyTree for research and development.As one of the initial members he worked as technical director for five years,which enabled him to learn many experiences and skills of business management.

HU zhi bing accidentally knew Bitcoin in 2013.He began to study the thesis of Satoshi Nakamoto after reading a few of reports. The proof-of-work and decentralization attracted him strongly.

People who touched Bitcoin at that time included hackers and entrepreneurs of finance.Many of these people who were full of imagination and creativity liked HU ZHI BING accepting and working on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin went up to $1200 incredibly in the same year,which converged more people to take part in.For HU ZHI BING,it was not for making money,but a new stuff to study.At first he mainly studied the blockchain technology and then also provided the solution of mine.

Now HU ZHI BING has become the COO of OKCoin only for a month,he said:The focus of work will still be on Bitcoin in the future and we will also upgrade and improve the products.Furthermore,we will keep trying something new.

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