The Bitcoin Company Coinify Acquired Coinzone

The Bitcoin Company Coinify Acquired Coinzone
The Danish Bitcoin Company Coinify announced an acquisition of Coinzone who was the major competitor in the European Bitcoin market. Coinzone was built in 2014 and its headquarters are located in Amsterdam,which provides payment processing service.

This acquisition enabled Coinify’s users expanded from 8000/month to 10000/month.Furthermore,and the staff raised to 17 along with the joining of Coinzone.

The CFO of Coinify Christian Visti Larsen explained why the company acquired Coinzone.He said the company wanted to shift the target from gaining self-employed businessmen to PSP(payment service provider),which was inspired by the American Bitcoin company Bitnet.They will seek to cooperate with larger PSP to obtain their clients directly.

Larsen said:At present many merchants choose to cooperate with PSP who can provide more payment options.Most trade partners of Coinzone have the demand of paying Bitcoin,so we two companies are a perfect match in this respect.

Larsen quoted a successful case of this pattern in the United States,like Cardinal Commerce、PayPal and Stripe all integrated Bitcoin payment.So he thought it is the time to bring this pattern into the European market and the company is now talking over with eight PSP in this area.

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