NYDFS Received 22 Applications of BitLicense

NYDFS revealed that so far it has received 22 applications of BitLicense from Bitcoin companies.

NYDFS previously announced 45 days for Bitcoin companies to apply for BitLicense and declared the deadline in August 8.

The vice director of public affairs of NYDFS Matt Anderson expressed that they consider that these applications indicate that Bitcoin companies are willing to abide by BitLicense.

Anderson also talked about the criticisms from media and Bitcoin community,but he thought BitLicense will help Bitcoin technology to be known and accepted by companies and consumers.

Anderson said:We think Bitlicense is helpful for Bitcoin companies in the long term,it will contribute to discard the dross and select the essential in the industry.We think those companies which want to run legally and protect consumers will apply for BitLicense voluntarily.

For the companies which stop services at New York,Anderson said that they still have chances to apply for BitLicense if they want to seek legality.

Anderson said there are many companies don’t know if they need to be supervised,so NYDFS will continue to keep talking with these companies openly to help they to learn their position.

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