White Hat Hacker Released Brainflayer Which Guesses 130K passwords/second

white hat hacker
What is the Bitcoin brain wallet? It is a kind of Bitcoin wallet which store the password in the user’s memory not store digitally.

The initial imagination of brain wallet is to store Bitcoin private key off line and to be remembered more easily.

Is brain wallet safe?It seems not.A white hat hacker has released a tool to prove that brain wallet is not safe.The tool can guess potential password promptly and verify if the password is right through a kind of off line attack.

The researcher Ryan Castellucci pointed out the major defect of brain wallet. He said the final bitcoin address is recorded on the blockchain as a password hash.When the password hash is used for verification on the website,it will help you to verify whether your phrase is right,which means the date can help hacker to find the password.

Castellucci released the decryption tool in August 7,which is called Brainflayer.It can guess 130K passwords every second. Castellucci expressed that the tool can verify 560 million passwords with only $1 if it runs in a powerful computer.

Though Brainflayer may be utilized by criminals,Castellucci still wish the tool can encourage Bitcoin users to store Bitcoin with other better method.

BrainWallet.org,a website which generate private key with JavaScript announced to close permanently after Brainflayer had been released.The action was acclaimed widely in the Bitcoin community.

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