Why I Have to Use Bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin is not popular as an online payment? The regular answer is that Bitcoin is not yet used conveniently.Most people agree this:Compare with other payment method,Using Bitcoin is not easy like that.

As a payment method,Bitcoin should be more humanization,which is the basic function to be improved,Enable consumers to use it more easily.

But it is incorrect that the biggest problem of Bitcoin is inconveniently,because it is unnecessary to talk about the issue above if people don’t understand why they should use Bitcoin.

New technology will have much more difficult when it is into mainstream.But Bitcoin industry do try hard to improve the convenience of Bitcoin.

For example,the major services of buying Bitcoin in America are pretty humanization.

The Bitcoin start-ups like Changetip,Coinbase and Circle enable consumers to buy and sell Bitcoin by creating accounts and adding credit cards or bank accounts.The whole process is very simple.

Ask yourself,how to improve these services further?I think the Bitcoin industry can do it,but it should matter more to strengthen the services which have been realized.So now the challenge is Why I have to choose Bitcoin as my No.1 payment optional?

Recently I hired a freelancer to design my friend’s website.At first the freelancer suspected to accept Bitcoin,she preferred to Paypal. I persuaded her to try Coinbase and told her that I will process the payment for her.But the truth proved that it was unnecessary.

According to her,the process of signing up and transaction was very easy,which was more easy than cheque,as we don’t need stamps,envelopes and pens,and also don’t have to wait for a few days.

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