Why Bitcoin XT is A Fraud

Bitcoin XT

Bitcoin XT cheats in three respects:

1 Deliberately confuse Bitcoin XT with increasing block size

Mike Hearn keeps on talking about the importance of increasing the block size in his articles of promoting Bitcoin XT. You support to increase the block size, so you have to support Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin XT is the only way to increase the block size, BitCoin XT equals to increase the block size. And he has never mentioned any other method, which is not a careless mistake but confusing the concept deliberately. The only reason why he did this is to cheat users or miners into running Bitcoin XT.

2 Declare that it is not a altcoin

Bitcoin XT declared that it is Bitcoin, not a altcoin., which is obviously not the truth. Actually any new fork of Bitcoin are all altcoin. It is another matter whether the fork blockchain win or the old blockchain win finally. The reason why Bitcoin XT claimed that it is not a altcoin is also to cheat you into running Bitcoin XT.

3 Has other changes except increasing the block size

If Bitcoin XT only cares how to increase the block size, it should only add the codes about increasing the block size and keep other codes the same as Bitcoin Core. But the thing does not like that, Bitcoin XT added many new features. No matter how good or worse these features are,,this action is definitely dictatorship. It is said that Bitcoin XT records the IP of users and built a blacklist,which affects the privacy significantly,especially for the people using Tor. But Bitcoin XT has never mentioned such huge change.

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