The CEO of MtGox May Get Arrested Again Because of Embezzling $2.6 Million

CEO of MtGox

It is reported that the CEO of bankrupt Bitcoin exchange MtGox (Mark Karpeles) may face a new prosecution from Japanese police.

Mark Karpeles has been put in prison for three weeks by Japanese police because of manipulating Bitcoin exchange platform.This is the longest time of detention without formal prosecution.

It is said that Mark Karpeles has embezzled $2.6 Million from the fund of users to support his other projects including a 3D software company.The police can detain him for up to 23 days if he gets arrested this time.

MtGox was the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world,which once took up 80% of Bitcoin transactions.While the shocking scandal was emerged after it had been closed.It is reported that the company has lost 744,400 BTC when it was bankruptcy,which was worth $340 million at that time.

Before long,approximately 200,000 BTC was found in a cold wallet controlled by Mark Karpeles,But it is still a mystery about insider dealing and how much money of users was lost

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