Three Common Mistakes of the Media’s Reports About Bitcoin

Three Common Mistakes of the Media's Reports About Bitcoin
The mainstream media do have a tendency when they report Bitcoin – distortion of fact.

It is good that Bitcoin has more and more attention of the media than in the past,like some journalists begin to treat Bitcoin and its technology seriously.But the media still make some mistakes of understanding Bitcoin,which is annoying for Bitcoin fans.

Here are the three most common mistakes:

1 Looking for Satoshi Nakamoto
The mainstream medias are very curious about who created Bitcoin.The originator is Satoshi Nakamoto,but who is Satoshi Nakamoto? So far no one is 100% sure,so the medias also begin to look for Satoshi Nakamoto,and claimed more than once that they have found him.

In 2014 News Week said that they have found the real Satoshi Nakamoto – Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto,who was an engineer out of work without cryptology knowledge background.

Of course the engineer denied that he was Satoshi Nakamoto after the report. News week and the journalist of the report (Leah McGrath) had not apologize to the engineer but kept saying they were right.

The engineer had no choice and he expressed that he intended to prosecute News week.But it needs a lot of money to go to court,he created a website called “News week is laying” to collect donations.You will see that he holds a photo on the website,which writes “News Week,you hurt me and my family”

The engineer is not the only person who is mistaken for Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2013 a blogger pointed out that Nike Sabo was relative to Bitcoin white paper. Nike Sabo is the pioneer of cryptology and the first user (except Satoshi Nakamoto) of Bitcoin protocol ,so he is often considered Satoshi Nakamoto.

2 CEO of Bitcoin

We all know that Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P network,but it is often mistaken for a company.For example,In March 2014 we saw a news title “The CEO of Bitcoin died of suicide”,actually the dead is the CEO of the Bitcoin exchange platform – Autumn Radtke

Radtke is not the first person who is called as “CEO of Bitcoin” by medias.The CEO of GoCoin Steve Beauregard was also called as “CEO of Bitcoin”.

Recently Yahoo news called Mark Karpeles (the CEO of MtGox) as “CEO of Bitcoin”.

3 Bitcoin is dead
If the news title was the truth,Bitcoin would have died several times in its short history.

As the huge controversialist,some journalists like to speculate the death of Bitcoin prematurely,some articles like the obituary of Bitcoin.

Of course we can’t deny that Bitcoin has a unpeaceful history,but the medias pay attention to its volatility extremely.

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