MIT Media Lab Will Provide the Course of Blockchain

After the Stanford University had revealed that they will establish the course of digital currency, MIT Media Lab also claimed that they will provide the course of themselves to encourage next generation Bitcoin talents.

It is said that the course will be open next term and all students of the MIT can study this course.David Shrier,a lecturer of MIT Media Lab,is also one of the persons who promote this plan.He expressed that the range of this course will be from E-Commerce to marketing system.

He added:what has happened and the key point of success and failure — our course will provide a wide field of vision for students and discuss how the future will be from different angles.

The course will be led by the famous computer scientist Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland and the director of digital currency plan Brian Forde.

MIT Media Lab also supports multiple Bitcoin core developers,Shrier said that the Lab will provide a high level technology course about the blockchain.

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