The Deep Web Market Agora Pauses Service

The Deep Web Market Agora announced a temporary closure and expressed that they were study how to defend potential attacks.

The market closed because of a recent research which indicates that there is a safety loophole of Tor protocol that may cause its server information to be revealed.

Agora is considered the largest deep web market,it has a huge number of transactions daily and allows users to shopping with Bitcoin,some items are legal while some others are illegal.

The anonymous administrator of Agora reported that in consideration of the investigation of suspicious activity from outside which may cause the server’s IP address to be revealed and enable the law enforcement officers to know their business,they had transferred the server.

It said in the report:We currently don’t yet have a solution, We can’t put our users in danger.As a result,we have to close the website temporarily until we have a better solution.

The administrator urged the users to withdraw as soon as possible and warned that do not send Bitcoin to Agora.

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