BtcChina Supports BIP 100

BIP 100
Dear Bitcoin community:
Recently the argument of Bitcoin blockchain reached a climax, many people of the community supports BIP 100 or BIP 101 publicly.We talked about the topic in past 48 hours and now it is time to share the standpoint of BtcChina – We support the plan “BIP 100” of Jeff Garzik.

As a unique Bitcoin company which provides three services(exchange,wallet,mining pool),we have a special position to observe the argument from different angles. Meanwhile,as the earliest Chinese Bitcoin exchange and the longest service time exchange,we have the responsibility to the global users and Bitcoin itself.

Recently BIP 101 got a lot of powerful support.It is an easy choice to vote for BIP 101. We respect the standpoint of Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn,the argument of block size gets attention by their struggle. But we agree the consensus that already has been reached – the block size of 8M is the right choice. BtcChina and other Chinese major mining pools publicly supported the choice in June.

Once BIP 100 is accepted,we will vote for 2M block and the medium-term goal of 8M block. BIP 100 enables us to realize the target gradually and provides two key advantages:

1 Raise the limit of block size at once, help and relieve all short-term issues.

2 Give us enough time to study the effect of raising the block size and make a long-term solution if necessary.

We encourage all Bitcoin users to vote for BIP 100.

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