A Former Agent Admitted Stealing Bitcoin From Silk Road

silk road
A former agent from Secret Service pleaded guilty this Monday. He was accused of transferring $800K’s worth of Bitcoin to his personal account during the investigation of online drug market ” Silk Road”.

Shaun Bridges,who is 33-years-old, appeared in the federal court in San Francisco to admit the accusations of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

Silk Road had run over 2 years until it was closed down in October 2013. The procurator pointed out that Silk Road had finished $214 million’s worth of transactions of drugs and other illegal commodities,the traders used to use Bitcoin.

Ross Ulbricht,the originator of Silk Road,was sentenced to life imprisonment in May.At that time a Manhattan jury considered that he had multiple criminal behaviors including spreading drugs via internet.

Bridges belonged to the federal action group who took part in the investigation against Silk Road. Carl Force,another member of the group,also admitted the accusations of blackmail,money laundering and obstruction of justice.

This Monday Bridges admitted in court that his act caused Ross Ulbricht to believe that someone stole money from Silk Road and to hire an assassin to kill the person.

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