Coinbase Enters Canadian Bitcoin Market

Coinbase,the lead of Bitcoin industry,has been invested $106.7 million after 4 rounds of risk financing. After having finished the C round of $75 million investment in January,the CEO of the company said their service will extend to 30 countries until the end of 2015.

In September 1st Coinbase announced to enter Canadian Bitcoin market,so far,the company’s service have extended to 27 countries.

It means that the residents of Canada can buy and sell Bitcoin with Canadian dollar. In addition,they can deposit Canadian dollar into the Coinbase wallet and trade CAD/BTC on the Coinbase exchange.

The CEO explained that the launch in developed area is successful,but they still have to work hard to extend to developing markets.

It is worth nothing that the orders of CAD/BTC will be independent existence which means the United States traders cannot visit this kind of order via their US accounts.

“Multiple fiat currencies have certain advantages,but we consider more about supervision.” The CEO said.

Furthermore,Coinbase expressed that users can trade freely before September 6th.

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